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How are your feed(s) verified before synchronization?


What is a product feed

Your product feed is a list of products that you want to advertise across Google. PrestaShop automatically creates and regularly updates your product feed from your store.


PrestaShop Marketing with Google will automatically sync all your PrestaShop product data to Google Merchant Center just after you have submitted your product feed settings. You will not be able to filter the products you want to send to Google, by default, all active products and their variations will be exported. The products will be sent to your Merchant Center and will be updated 4 times per day.


Why optimizing your feed(s) is key

Syncing more products successfully will enable you to be more visible on Google Shopping through organic and Ads campaigns, hence driving higher performance for your online store.

In this documentation, you will find guidance to create and optimize your product feed(s) to ensure successful listing on Google Shopping.


How your feed(s) are being verified for synchronization

If you are using Prestashop Marketing with Google module, when uploading a feed, a 2-step-verification process will take place. 

Go to the product feed tab to check the status of your feed synchronization - see image below.


  • 1st step: Prestashop verification 


Prestashop analyzes the feed to check accuracy of the data and validity vs Google requirements

  • Compliant products: If products are considered to match Google requirements, then products are sent to Google 
  • Non-compliant products: If not, products are not sent and the user can see the issue(s) to solve.


For this first verification, any product missing the following attribute will not be compliant so will not be synchronized with Google:

  • Product without image
  • Product without price
  • Product without product name
  • Product without identifier
  • Product without description
  • Product without link


  • 2nd step: Google verification


Google analyzes the feed and determines the status of each of the products

  • Approved: products are compliant with Google’s requirements and can be surfaced on Free listings and Ads on all channels with optimized visibility
  • Demoted: products are approved but are missing recommended attributes. This will reduce their visibility on Google’s channels and lead to a lower performance. This is a concern especially if you have Ads campaigns in place as you are likely to lose business potential.
  • Disapproved:


Caveat: at the moment, with the current UI, users are unaware of their approved products that have "limited visibility" on Google’s channels. The products are eligible to serve on Free Listings and Shopping Ads, but their performance will not be optimal until the merchant provides the attributes that are missing. 

In the current PrestaShop Product Feed tab, these products would fall under the ""Approved"" card rather than the “Disapproved” card. However, merchants clicking the “Approved” card will be driven to the Merchant Center Front End, which may not properly communicate to them that there are actions they need to take to improve performance. 



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