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How to make sure your feed is passing verifications.


To ensure that your product feed can be successfully synced with Google Shopping, make sure to include all mandatory attributes as mentioned below.

Find the full article in Google Merchant Center Help Center  here []


1)   Include Product basic data in your feed

    • Title of the product: this should describe your product and match the title from your landing page
    • Description: this should describe your product with detailed information and match the description from your landing page
    • Link to your product’s landing page
    • Link to the main Image of your product: the image should not include any overlays
    • Product category: All products are automatically assigned a product category from Google’s continuously evolving product taxonomy. Providing high-quality, on-topic titles and descriptions, as well as accurate pricing, brand, and GTIN information will help ensure your products are correctly categorized.


2)   Provide Identifiers in your feed

To be considered Google compliant and be sent to Google, each product should have correctly mentioned in the feed a valid identifier amongst the following:


  • GTIN
    • The GTIN value can be 
      • UPC (in North America / GTIN-12)
        12-digit number like 323456789012
        8-digit UPC-E codes should be converted to 12-digit codes
      • EAN (in Europe / GTIN-13)
        13-digit number like 3001234567892
      • JAN (in Japan / GTIN-13)
        8 or 13-digit number like 49123456 or 4901234567894
      • ISBN (for books)
        10 or 13-digit number like 1455582344 or 978-1455582341. If you have both, only include the 13-digit number. ISBN-10 are deprecated and should be converted to ISBN-13
      • ITF-14 (for multipacks / GTIN-14)
        14-digit number like 10856435001702
    • See more on GTIN here []




3)   Provide price and Availability in your feed

  • Price: Accurately submit the product's price and currency, and match with the price from your landing page and at checkout.
  • Availability of the product should be declared using one of the following statuses:
    • in_stock
    • out_of_stock
    • backorder
    • preorder
      • In case or pre order, provide an availability date (also displayed on your product’s landing page) using this format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm [+hhmm]

4)   Specific guidance for apparel products in your feed

If you are selling apparel products, make sure to include the mandatory attributes:

  • Size
    • Example: S, 36, 43
  • Age group
    • Newborn [newborn] for 0-3 months old
    • Infant [infant] for 3-12 months old
    • Toddler [toddler] for 1-5 years old
    • Kids [kids] for 5-13 years old
    • Adult [adult] for Teens or older
  • Color
    • Alphanumeric - 40 characters maximum
  • Gender
    • Male [male]
    • Female [female]
    • Unisex [unisex]
  • Item Group ID: Use an item group ID for a set of products that differ by one or more of these attributes:


5)   Define shipping settings

  • Shipping: provide your product's shipping cost, shipping speeds, and the locations your product ships to
  • Tax : provide your product’s sales tax rate in percent


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