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Storing payment methods


A new feature is available on your PrestaShop Checkout module. You can now offer your customers the option of saving their credit/debit card and PayPal payment methods at checkout. Your recurring customers won't need to enter their details again!


Here's the PrestaShop payment stage without the storage option:

IMG-checkout-vaulting 1.png


And here it is with the payment storage option activated:

GIF-checkout-vaulting 2.gif


To activate this feature, go to your store's back office and follow this path:

Payment > Payment methods > “PrestaShop Checkout built with PayPal” button > Advanced settings > “Securely store customers' payment methods” button > activate "Allow customers to save their payment methods”.

GIF-checkout-vaulting 3.gif

Don't forget to click “Save” at the end.


⚠️Option available for PrestaShop 8 only


Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't the payment method storage option appear on my store?

Check that your Checkout module is connected to your PayPal account, and that your store is linked to your PrestaShop Account.


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