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What is your PrestaShop account for?


Logging on to the Prestashop ecosystem

This account allows you to authenticate yourself in (most of) the PrestaShop ecosystem in order to perform the following actions:

  • PrestaShop Marketplace - Purchase and download modules and themes to customize and adapt your store.
  • Help Center - Find the information you need and contact our Support. 
  • PrestaShop website - Subscribe to one of our offers to launch your store faster.
  • Your store’s back-office (with the PrestaShop offers) - Log in with the same account used throughout the PrestaShop ecosystem to simplify your life.


Using PrestaShop modules

To use the modules built by PrestaShop and its partners, you need to link your account to your store via the PrestaShop Account module.


Centralizing and managing your information more easily

You can view and modify your personal and professional information in your PrestaShop account:



How do I create a PrestaShop account?

How does the PrestaShop Account module work?



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