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Add a module to your store from the PrestaShop Marketplace


Modules are an essential tool for expanding your store's features. You can purchase and install them directly from your store's back office, or from the PrestaShop Marketplace. In this article, we'll look at how to retrieve a module from the Marketplace.


1. Log in or create an account on the PrestaShop Marketplace

2. Choose the module you wish to install in your store



3. Download the module by choosing the PrestaShop version of your store. The module version is also displayed on the download button.



4. Then go to your store's back office, in the Modules section.



5. Use the button at top right to add the module to your store. Simply drag the zip file into the central area (no need to unzip the version downloaded from the Marketplace).



6. Once the module has been installed, you can go straight to configuring it.



You can now find the module and its configuration page in the module manager section of your back-office.



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