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Sales Flash Premium


The Sales module Flash, developed by PrestaShop, lets you multiply your sales! This module is ideal for generating impulse purchases. Rely on it to increase your conversion rate and destock your products with ease. It can also be easily customized to your store's colors. Below you'll find all the information you need to understand and use this module.


General settings

Before you start configuring your sale flash, you can configure its general parameters:

  • is the promotion tax-free?
  • where do you want it to appear: on the right? on the left? on all your product pages? on all your category pages? Remember to activate your columns in Preferences > Themes > Advanced settings.
  • do you want a label to appear on the flash sale banner? If that's the case, then you can personalize this label with your store's colors! However, it will be the same for all the languages available in your store.
  • The countdown can also be easily customized. Simply configure the parameters below:




Setting up your first flash sale

You can set up your flash sale by choosing from 3 :

  • with a time limit: you need to set the start and end dates of your sale, as well as the times.
  • subject to availability
  • by hand.

You can then restrict the sale to a specific customer group, currency or country. In the second step, you need to give your sale a name flash. If your store is set up in several languages, then you'll need to fill in the name in each language. Once again, you can customize this flash sale by inserting one of your own images for the banner and choosing the background color of the banner and the text!

For your penultimate step, you need to add the products that are part of this sale flash. Simply enter the name of your products and they will appear in the left-hand column. By clicking on them, you automatically add them to this sale.

From there, you must indicate the amount in value or percentage of the discount made for this sale flash.

In your last step, you will see a summary of your sale flash. You still have the option of modifying it by pressing "previous" or saving it.

Congratulations, your first flash sale has now been created!


Frequently asked questions

I would like to extend my sale flash, what should I do?

In the summary table of all your flash sales created in the "Configuration" tab, you can simply edit the start or end date of a specific flash sale. Simply click on the "pencil" icon next to the date.


You can find this module on PrestaShop Marketplace! And take a look at our article on how to install a module.

If you have any questions about the module, you can also contact PrestaShop support directly via the Marketplace.


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