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Installing Assistance by PrestaShop


Why install this module?

Assistance by PrestaShop is a tool we've developed to facilitate certain actions on your site in the event of a support request with our teams. It allows us to:

  • remotely activate the debug mode ;
  • clear your store's cache ;
  • and, above all, connect us to your back office securely, without you needing to give us direct access.

With this module already installed and well configured on your store, our exchanges will be simpler and faster.


How to install and configure Assistance by PrestaShop?

Compatibility: from PrestaShop

Download link:


Step 1: install the module in your back office






Step 2: Configure the access to your back office

This is the option in the module that gives you control over our access to your site. We recommend that you systematically activate this option for each request. An employee will be created automatically in your back office. We do not know the employee's login details at any time, so please do not delete them during our intervention.

Toggle the option here:



Special cases

This tool is not compatible with PrestaShop versions prior to and is unfortunately blocked by certain server and firewall configurations or systems such as Cloudflare in some cases. For these reasons, we may have to ask you to provide us with specific employee access to your back-office.


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