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The Exit Popup module allows you to display a pop-in as soon as your visitors are about to leave your site, encouraging them to complete their order. Below you'll find all the information you need to understand and use this module.


Overview tab

In this tab, you'll find a complete view of all pop-ins already created. The listing summarizes the main information and possible actions for each pop-in on a single line. For each pop-in created, the listing informs you of :

  • pop-in ID
  • Its title
  • The discount amount associated with the pop-in
  • Broadcast start date
  • End of broadcast date
  • Status: On or Off

For each of the pop-ups listed in the Overview tab, a number of actions are possible:

  • Change pop-in status: you can activate or deactivate the display of your pop-in by clicking on the switch button (note: you can only activate one pop-in at a time; if you activate one pop-in, the others will be automatically deactivated).
  • Delete the pop-in by clicking on the trash icon (when clicked, a confirmation message is displayed).
  • Edit the pop-in by clicking on the pencil icon (when clicked, you're redirected to the Creation tab)


You can also create a new pop-up and start the configuration process by clicking on "Create new pop-up".


Pop-up creation and configuration

In the Preview tab, once you've clicked "Create new pop-up", a new tab will appear, "Pop-up configuration". Follow the steps below to set up your new pop-up!


Step 1 : Type

In this first level, you'll be able to choose which products you'd like the pop-in to appear on, and how long your pop-in will last.

You can choose to display the promotion either :

  • on your entire store catalog
  • on a particular product category,
  • on a specific product

If you choose to display your promotion in a specific product category, a search field will appear, allowing you to search and select a category from those available in your store.

If you'd like to display your promotion on a specific product, a search bar will also appear, allowing you to select the product from your entire product listing.

You can also choose to have your pop-in appear permanently or temporarily.

  • Permanent display means that your pop-in will be displayed from the moment it is validated until it is manually deactivated (from the Preview tab).
  • Temporary display means that you can choose to display your pop-in at a particular time. In this case, you'll need to enter a start and end date for the pop-in. Once you've filled in your details, click on 'Next step' to continue configuring your pop-in.


Step 2 : Reduction

At this level, you can customize your pop-in promotion. First, you'll need to choose whether to display the promotion:

  • to all customers
  • new customers (who have never placed an order on your site)

You'll then need to fill in the 'Promotion code prefix' field and choose the type of promotion you'd like to set up: percentage or euros, as well as the amount of the promotion.

For your information, each code is unique, but they all have the same prefix. This prefix must be composed of letters (maximum five). Ideally, you should contextualize your prefix, for example: for a Black Fridayevent, your prefix could be BF. Your users will be shown an individual code (which is different for each user) of the type BF1234 .

Tip! Boost your sales by activating the countdown display option! Keep your promo code prefix short (maximum five letters) to make it easier for users to remember.

Now that you've set up your promotion, click on 'Next step' to configure the design and content of your pop-in.


Step 3 : Model

In this section, you can configure the visual appearance of your pop-in:

  • using a 'ready-to-use' template from a choice of 8 templates, by clicking on the chosen template
  • create your own template by clicking on 'create one'.


Step 4 : Contents

In this level, you can modify the content of your pop-in and see the changes in real time, thanks to a pop-in preview screen.

The number of possible configurations depends on whether you have chosen a 'ready-to-use' model or have chosen to create your own.


In the case of the 'ready-to-use' model, you can modify :

  • The primary color of your template
  • The template's secondary color
  • The content of the pop-in title
  • The content of its description
  • Promotional content
  • The content of your call to action


Tip! Don't hesitate to mention the amount of your promotion and the duration of its validity in the description of your promotion, so as to warn your customer.


In the case of creating your own template: you'll be able to create your entire pop-in template in two parts: visual parameters and content.

In the visual parameters, you can modify :

  • The primary color of your template
  • The template's secondary color

Tip! Use sufficiently contrasting text colors to improve the readability, attractiveness and therefore the conversion rate of your promotion.

You can then upload an image that you can position either to the left, right, top or background of your text.

You can also change the style of the typography and the call to action in :

  • changing the font from a predefined list of fonts
  • modify text alignment
  • changing the design of the call to action: round or square tips

In the Content section, you can modify :

  • The primary color of your template
  • The template's secondary color
  • The content of the pop-in title
  • The content of its description
  • Promotional content
  • The content of your call to action

Tip! Keep in mind that this is a promotional message aimed at a user ready to leave your site. A text that's short and quick to read will have more impact with your users!

You can save your settings by clicking on Save. Your pop-in has been successfully saved, and is now available in the 'Preview' tab.


Statistics tab

Once your pop-in is online, you can access three types of data, available in the 'Statistics' tab:

  • Number of times seen
  • Number of times clicked
  • Number of times the promo code, generated via this pop-in, has been used in an order


You can also return to the pop-in settings by clicking on the pencil.

Tip! Don't hesitate to calculate the click rate, which corresponds to the number of clicks / number of views, for each pop-in, so you can compare the performance of each of your pop-ins.


You can find this module on PrestaShop Marketplace! And take a look at our article on how to install a module.

If you have any questions about the module, you can also contact PrestaShop support directly via the Marketplace.


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