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Changes to home delivery rates and delivery times


Manual home delivery is activated by default in your store. When a customer places an order using this delivery method, you will then need to proceed with the manualdispatch of the order: prepare the order, pack it, edit the label with its postage directly on the Colissimo website or with the carrier of your choice, then drop it off at the post office. To go one step further and automate delivery logistics, useful when you have several orders a day, you can activate home delivery with Colissimo.

Manual home delivery is only available for deliveries in mainland France.

What you'll learn to do

  • Change the home delivery time announced when the order was placed. By default, the delivery time is 3 working days, i.e. 1 preparation days and 2 dispatch days via Colissimo. In this article you'll learn how to change this default delay.
  • Change the price of for home delivery. The default rate for home delivery is €6.90 TTC for deliveries within mainland France, and free for purchases over €25 . In this article you'll learn how to change the default pricing and delay.



  • Define pricing and delivery times for home delivery. We invite you to start with simple pricing, i.e. based on the amount of the order and not on the actual weight of your products. To do this, you'll need to enter the weight of each of your products.

Here we go!

  • Go to "Delivery" > "Carriers" and click on the "Home delivery" line in the Carrierstable.


  • Modify the delivery date in the delivery date field, then click on "Finish".


  • Open the "Shipping destinations & costs" tab, modify the shipping rate for Metropolitan France and by price range or total weight (in this case, you'llneed to enter the weight of each product in the product catalog), then click "Save".


Bravo  now you know how to modify the deadline and price of manualhome delivery


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