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Can I change my PrestaShop Checkout or PayPal account?


You can easily change which PrestaShop Checkout or PayPal account you use from the “Authentication” tab of the module.


- Once one of the two accounts is disconnected, the payment methods will be deactivated until you reconnect the two accounts.

- Orders placed before this accounting change will be linked to your PrestaShop Checkout and PayPal accounts set up at that time and you will no longer be able to issue refunds from your back office (you must go to the corresponding PayPal account).

If an order status changes, your store will be updated (in the event of a refund, litigation, refund via PayPal, retrospective payment error, etc.) and your reporting in the module (feature coming soon) will not list the orders placed with the new account.

For these reasons, we advise against changing accounts after connecting them and beginning to make sales.