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Simulation environment


In the module configuration, you can activate the simulatio environment to carry out payment tests by simulating the response of the payment platform in order to test a wide range of cases.



The following simulation rules apply:

  • the card number (PAN) must include between 15 and 19 digits (depending on the type of card used)
  • the first six digits of the PAN determine the card type, as shown in the table below:
Card type The NAP begins with
AMEX 340000
VPAY 400000
VISA 410000
CB 420000
CB-VISA co-badged 430000
CB-VPAY co-branding 440000
CB-VISA_ELECTRON co-branding 450000
VISA-MASTERCARD co-badged 460000
MAESTRO 500000
CB-MASTERCARD co-badged 520000
CB-MAESTRO co-badged 530000
  • The payment platform's response code (responseCodefield) is determined from the last 2 digits of the PAN.
  • The security code (CVV) is a sequence of 3 to 4 digits, depending on the type of card, but its value has no effect on the result.

Example: if you use the PAN 4100000000000005, the card will be VISA and the payment will be refused (respondeCode=05).

Note: if the response code indicated does not exist on the payment platform, the transaction will be accepted (respondeCode=00).

Co-badged cards can be used with any of the marks defined in the table.

All cards are 3D enrolled Secure, you are redirected to the simulation server 3D Secure where you choose the desired authentication result 3D Secure.


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