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Migration LCL Sherlock's 1.0 to LCL Sherlock's 2.0


Simplified migration support

Starting with the 4.0.0 version of the module for PrestaShop, you can follow the simplified migration procedure proposed by LCL Sherlock's.

In module configuration, in the Transaction identification section, you can select the Transaction identification mode named "transactionId" and activate the Generate transaction identifier option.

You will be asked to submit a validation report to confirm that the payment flows have been successfully put into production on the new connectors 2.0 before moving on to the Production environment.

Contact dedicated LCL Sherlock's Evolution support

If you have any technical questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Support dedicated to Sherlock's evolution 2.0 (0811 107 022 €0.05/min + call charge) :

  • technical support trained in evolution
  • available Monday to Friday 9h-17h

Support Level 2 : Monday to Friday:

  • Account Support Manager for contractual support and routine assistance
  • ASM support team & from the "Evolution Sherlock's" team 2.0

Team Evolution Sherlock's 2.0 :

  • regular Webinar presentations
  • overall monitoring of the "Evolution Sherlock's" program 2.0


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