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Store association error - "SSL certificate cannot be verified".


You try to associate your store with your PrestaShop account, but the association fails and you get an error message with the reason "SSL certificate cannot be verified".

Association error - SSL certificate cannot be verified


The cause of the error is as follows: the intermediate certificate is not sent in the response.


Check the validity of your certificate by visiting the following website:

Test SSL certificate


Enter your domain name in the dedicated field and click on "Submit".


If your certificate is not valid (see the screen below), please contact your hosting provider to obtain a valid certificate.

Invalid SSL certificate


Note: if you have control over certificate generation, we invite you to visit the Let's Encrypt website to solve the problem yourself.


If your certificate is valid, you will get the following result.

Valid SSL certificate


In this case, please contact us via this form so that our teams can analyze the source of the problem.


Please note: This feature is not available for Hosted stores. Please contact support if you encounter any difficulties.



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