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Modify the URL associated with your modules


When you buy a product on PrestaShop Marketplace, it can only be used on one website. Therefore, when you download your module or theme, you will be asked to select the URL of the store on which it will be installed.

However, you may need to change the URL associated with your products. Please contact PrestaShop.


Reasons for changing URLs

PrestaShop support can help you modify the URL associated with your products in three cases:

  • you change the domain name of your ;
  • you need to use the product on a sub-domain belonging to the same main domain;
  • you have installed the product in a test environment and now wish to use it in an active store.

Before contacting us

First, you'll need to add the new URL to the "My stores" area of your PrestaShopaccount.


Submit your request

You must send your modification request to support while logged into your account, via the Marketplace contact form. The way forward is as follows.

  • I have a question about a product I purchased
  • I have a downloading question
  • Contact our team!

In your message, be sure to include the new URL where you want to use the product, as well as the reason for the change.

Our teams will get back to you shortly to confirm that the modification is running smoothly!


Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to go through support to change the URL associated with my products?

This change cannot be made autonomously from your PrestaShop account because, as specified in our Terms of Use, the Business Care service associated with your purchase applies per product and per URL.

Will I need to buy a new license?

Please note : for certain products requiring a license key, Business Care will need to be renewed in order to activate the product in the new store.

What happens if Business Care has expired?

Each Business Care subscription is linked to a URL per order. Therefore, to access support and updates on a new URL, you will also need to reactivate the Business Care offer for the product.

Can I change the URL associated with a transferred product?

This is entirely possible, but the URL change request must always come from the account that purchased the product. It's therefore more practical to ensure that the product is linked to the right URL before a transfer, since the recipient won't be able to make this modification request from their account.


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