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Modify the email address attached to your PrestaShop account


You can now change the email address linked to your PrestaShop Marketplace account from your Account page.

You can access your account from several platforms:


Once on your Account page, go to the "Personal info" tab, then click on "Edit email address".



Then enter your new email address.



And your current password.



Your previous address will receive an email to ensure that you are the person who requested the change.



And your new address will receive a confirmation request.



⚠️ Always check the sender's email address before clicking on a link or giving out your login details. Messages from PrestaShop about your account should always be sent from the "[email protected]" address. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us via the form on this help center.


The confirmation link is only active for one hour, but you can request to receive it again via your account.



Once your new email address has been confirmed, you can log in with it. Your password will remain unchanged.


Any change of email address on your Account page will modify your access to linked accounts. These accounts are linked to and form an integral part of your PrestaShop account, which gives you access to (almost) the entire PrestaShop ecosystem:

  • PrestaShop Marketplace - Purchase and download modules and themes to customize and adapt your store.
  • Help Center - Find the information you need and ask Prestashop for help.
  • PrestaShop website - Subscribe to one of our offers to get your store up and running faster.
  • Back-office of your store (with PrestaShop offers) - To log in with the same account used in the PrestaShop ecosystem.


💡 Previously, it was not possible to change your email address without contacting PrestaShop support. This new feature will make your life easier! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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