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How can I change the default currency?


PrestaShop can accept a large number of currencies. By default, there is only one standard currency: the one for your country. However, you must add and configure new currencies depending on your customers' needs. Indeed, customers will appreciate the ability to display your shop's prices in their country's currency.

Installing a currency

To install a currency, you must click on the "International" tab, then "Localization". Of the four tabs available, click on Currencies to display a list of the currencies currently in place on your site.


The easiest way to add a country's currency is to import its localization pack. This is done on the "International" "Localization" page. Once imported, you must go the "Currencies" page to enable it.

Click on "Add new currency" and a new window opens. Just select the currency you want to install and define its exchange rate.


Once these two pieces of information have been entered, you just need to enable the new currency.