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How can I edit my slider?


There is an Image Slider module for your homepage that creates a slideshow on the shop's homepage.

To edit the default image slider on your homepage when you install your shop, you need to configure a module called Image Slider.


To make your changes, click on the Modules menu, then on Modules and Services.  Then click on the Installed Modules tab. To easily find the Image Slider module, just enter the word 'slider' in the search field and confirm to show the modules that meet the criteria entered, so the Image Slider module.


Once the Image Slider module appears, just click on the Configuration tab to open the window, which will enable you to organize your image slider as you see fit.

When your configuration window opens, you get a page like the one shown below


You can then either create a new image slider by clicking on the Plus symbol in the top right of the first image, or click on the Edit button for each image to load a new image in its place. If you click on Edit, a configuration window opens where you can configure the elements of your new image slider.


You can then define the following elements: 

Image. Just click on the "Choose file" button and download the correct photo. One of the advantages of this menu is that if you have enabled several languages, you can either keep the same photo for all of the languages, or simply change the language in the top right of the photo to download a photo for each language. This is done by selecting the new language (e.g. EN), clicking on "Choose file" and downloading the photo. Repeat the process for each of the languages, then Save.
Title. You can define a title for each image and each language, which will help with your SEO.
Target URL. You can define the target by indicating the URL of the page you want your customer to go to, a product page, a category page, a content page, a manufacturer, etc.
Caption. You can define a caption for each image, which will be an additional item for your SEO. All images must be attached to keywords, whether in the form of image names, captions, etc.
Description. This lets your display on your image a description that may be visible in the language defined by the user. In the event of internationalization, this enables you to use the same product image but with an appropriate translation.

Once these parameters have been entered, just click on Save to return to the list of image sliders.