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How can modify my footer?


Your site's footer can be completely edited to suit your requirements.


To do this, go to the Design menu and click on Link Widget. You already have 2 blocks (Products and Information) by default.


To work on the Products and Information columns, click on the Edit button for the link you want to edit to open the management window for your Block. Then just select the links you want to show in the column in question.


This function also lets you add columns to your Footer if need be. To add a new block to the Footer, click on the Design menu, then Link Widget. The list of blocks currently present will appear. Click on the New Block button to open the configuration window for your block.

There are 3 stages to configuring your block:

Name of the link block. This helps you to quickly identify the block you want to work on. Please note that the block name will appear in your footer.


Hook. You must select a hook for your block. Just click on the dropdown menu and select the hook. In the example, the displayFooter hook corresponds to the Footer area of your site.


Content. You can select from three types of information zone:

The content pages are the pages (CMS) where all of the information you have written can be found, such as the terms and conditions of sale, tips, recipes, interviews, etc.


Product pages, such as promotions, new products and bestsellers.


Static content, such as Contact Us, Site Map or Stores that we mentioned above.



Whatever the method, the process remains the same: indicate the location of the theme's Zip archive, then click "Save". The only thing that changes is the source of the Zip file:

  1. Import from your computer: use the file explorer to find the archive.
  2. Import from the web: indicate the direct public URL to the archive.
  3. Import from FTP: using your FTP client, upload the archive in the following folder: /themes/.

Click "Next" to validate your choice. The theme is now installed, and PrestaShop asks you if you wish to install the modules that were imported along with the theme, what you would rather do with the current modules configuration, and how you would like the images configuration to be taken into account.

Click "Next" one last time. A final confirmation page presents you with all the changes applied to your PrestaShop site. Click "Finish" to end the process.