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Create a specific price


With PrestaShop, you can modify the selling price of a product according to the quantity purchased, the customer group, the buyer's country, etc. Find out how!

To access: Catalogue > Products


Why create a special prize?

Creating a specific price is a very simple way of implementing a price reduction for a product and all its combinations. If a specific price is applied to a product X, all variations of this product X benefit from this specific price.

You can fully customize your prices, and even reserve some for specific customers to thank them for their loyalty!

Specific prices also enable you to differentiate your prices according to the country or currency of your customers.


How do I create a specific price?

From the Catalog page > Products, in the "Prices" tab, click on "Add a specific price" to display the specific price conditions fields. To fill it in, follow these steps:



  1. Fill in the "For" fields to define the groups to which the price applies. You can choose to apply a specific price to currencies registered in the store, certain countries and certain customer groups.
  2. Fill in the "Customer" field if you wish to create a discount for certain customers only. Enter the first letters of your first or last name to find them.
  3. Fill in the "Valid from" and "Until" fields to limit your discount in time.
  4. Fill in the "From" field to apply your discount from a certain number of units sold. This can be useful in the case of a "buy two, get one free" promotion. By default, this field is set to "1", which means from the first purchase.
  5. Fill in the "Product price (HT)" field to enter the new price (excluding tax) you wish to give your product.
  6. Fill in the "Apply a reduction of" field to specify the percentage or currency reduction.

Once these conditions have been met, click on "Save" to save this specific price and obtain, below the form, a summary of your discount, in a table as shown below:



The discount is immediately visible on the site. If you wish to modify or delete the specific price, click on the pencil or garbage can icon in the table.



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