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Add related products


PrestaShop allows you to link products together to suggest similar items to customers. Find out how to add related products!

To access: Catalogue > Products


How do I add related products?

When you're in the back-office, in the "Essentials" tab, click on the "Associated product" button. A search field appears, allowing you to search through your products and select those you wish to link to this one.



Adding an associated product is not automatically registered! Click on the "Save" button to make the changes visible in your store.


How many related products can I add?

You can associate a product with as many products as you like.


⚠️ An association only goes one way! If you link a product A to a product B in the back office, it suggests product A on the product B page in the front office. However, this does not automatically associate product B with product A. As a result, product B does not appear as a suggestion on product A's front-office page.



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