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Access order details


PrestaShop allows you to consult an order and see all its components. Find out how!

To access: Commands > Commands


What does the control interface contain?

The order interface gives you access to all orders placed on your site. It is presented as follows:



This interface lets you search for a specific order by ID, reference, delivery address, customer name, payment method, status or date.


How do I access order details?


To enter an order form, click on the relevant order line or on the "View" icon, symbolized by a magnifying glass, to the right of the line. A page detailing the order then opens, containing the following information:

  • Customer information: this box contains the customer's contact details, the number of validated orders and the total amount spent since registration.
  • Messagerie This insert is used to send a message to the customer.
  • Product information: this insert contains the number of products ordered, the delivery price, the price of the products and the total price of the order.
  • Order information: this insert consists of several tabs. It allows you to view and manage order status, retrieve related documents, track associated carriers and display product returns.
  • Payment information: this insert contains details of the transaction: date, payment method, transaction identifier, amount and invoice.


What actions should be taken on the order form?

Many actions can be performed from the order form. You can :

  1. Add a message to the order. This message may or may not be visible to the customer.
  2. Return products. See our article on product returns.
  3. Make repayments. To find out more, see our article on reimbursements.
  4. Add a payment. In the case of cash payment, you can manually add an order payment.
  5. Update order status. To manually modify the status of an order, for example when a cheque is received.



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