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Defining transport zones


PrestaShop zones are a list of regions around the world. It simplifies country categorization.

This allows you to specify the area over which your carrier(s) will be able to deliver your merchandise, which can be a continent, a country, a group of countries, regions or even cities.

In fact, a shoe retailer with a French-language store may have to deliver to France as well as Belgium. On the other hand, a pizza merchant will be more inclined to deliver only in the surrounding towns. This gives you the ability to decide, and above all to control, which delivery zones you can offer.

To create a zone, simply click on the "International" link in the menu, then on "Geographical zones". Then simply click on the Zones tab.

Once the list of zones is displayed, click on the "Add new zone" button to create the new zone you want.

Once you've entered the zone name, just click on Save.


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