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Configuring the contact address


There are two ways for the customer to get in touch with the merchant, either by finding the company's address and information on the site, or by filling in a contact form.

To display your address at the bottom of your site, just open the Shop Parameters menu and select Contact.

This will open the following window that you will have to configure.


Most of this information is self-explanatory, but some fields must be filled in carefully:

Phone. Use your shop's contact number. If you prefer customers not to call, do not put anything in this field.
Shop email. Your company's official address. Use your company's general contact address, the one that sends emails to your customers.
Registration number. Give your company's legal registration number. This will depend on the legal system in your country (SIRET in France, Duns number in the USA, CNPJ in Brazil, etc.). This proves that you are an officially declared company, which helps you to gain the trust of your customers.
Shop address. Zip/postal code, City, State, Country. Use your company's official contact address. The "State" option only appears if the country selected has states in your database ("States" page of the "Localization" menu).

Once all of this information has been configured and saved, you will see your company information appear at the bottom of your site.