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Deleting your PrestaShop Account


⚠️ Before deleting your account, please keep in mind that:

  • The deletion is immediate and non-reversible.
  • All the associated data and accounts will also be deleted on: the PrestaShop Marketplace, the PrestaShop website and the PrestaShop Help Center. You can refer to this article to make sure which accounts will be affected.
  • Deleting your account does not automatically cancel all the associated subscriptions, you will need to cancel the subscriptions you wish to end before deleting the account.
  • The Business Care subscriptions will however be automatically deleted.


How to delete your account

In order to delete your PrestaShop account and all associated personal information, please go to your PrestaShop Account page:


Go to Settings, then click Delete account.



You will see a disclaimer explaining what happens when you delete your account.



You will be prompted to share why you would like to delete the account.



The next step will allow you to confirm the deletion by entering your password.



You will then see a confirmation that your account has been deleted.



And finally, you will also receive a confirmation by email.



Your PrestaShop store will stay active but you will need to use another method to sign in.


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