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Can I change my PrestaShop or PayPal accounts?


You can easily change the PrestaShop Account or PayPal account used from the "Manage Accounts" tab of the module.

However, CAUTION:

  • As soon as one of the two accounts is disconnected, the means of payment will be deactivated until you reconnect the two accounts.
  • Orders placed prior to this account change will be linked to your current PrestaShop Account account and PayPal accounts, so you will no longer be able to make refunds from your Back Office for orders placed prior to this change (you will need to go to the corresponding PayPal account to do so).
  • If an order's status changes, your store will not be informed (in the case of a refund, dispute, refund made by PayPal, payment error after the fact, etc.) and your reporting in the module (feature coming soon) will only list orders made with the new account. For these reasons, we advise you not to change your account once you have logged in and started selling.


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