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What is the PrestaShop software?

PrestaShop offers an open-source software, distributed under a free license (Open Software Licence OSL-3.0), enabling users to create e-commerce sites.

With PrestaShop, your business belongs to you, and you are the sole owner of your data and your store.


The software is free to download, so any costs associated with hosting, domain name, installation assistance or technical support are the responsibility of the user.


Finally, it allows users to customize and enhance their e-commerce site by adding free or paid add-ons, freely developed by the PrestaShop community or available at PrestaShop Marketplace.


How do I download PrestaShop ?

All stable versions of the software are available on the official PrestaShop website:

You can download them freely, and we recommend that you update your store regularly to ensure optimum security and performance.


PrestaShop Classic.

The PrestaShop Classic offer is one of our e-commerce solutions that allows you to create and develop your online store while retaining total control over hosting. Unlike the basic software, this package includes the essential start-up modules pre-installed.

You can find the offer on our official website:


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